Spooky Questions Tag !

I’ve put together 8 Halloween-ey questions. I’d love for you guys to answer them and get into the ~spooky~ spirit!!

What’s the scariest book you’ve ever read?

There are very few books that actually scare me, but I remember being really on edge while reading The Shining. I also got really freaked out whenever I read American Psycho, I would never want to read that before bed.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

I’m gonna cheat and name a couple that I love because there’s so many! Right now my top four are probably, A Quiet Place, Us, Get Out and Hereditary.

What’s a scary movie that you watched when you were way too young to be watching it?? (Or the first scary movie you remember watching)

I remember watching Blair Witch Project when I was like 10 and it probably traumatized me but I couldn’t turn it off! I had a love of horror at a young age, not sure what that says about me.

Which of your halloween costumes are you the most proud of?

I honestly haven’t had that many good halloween costumes in my lifetime (LAME) but a couple years ago I was Harley Quinn and I actually looked really cute.

What’s your favorite horror book turned movie?

I’m probably gonna go with a recent book I read and say Bird Box! That was such a great book and the movie really did it justice, even though I thought the book was better.

What’s the last horror book you read?

I’m currently reading Carrie, almost done with it.

Who’s your favorite villain?

Book villain, I’d go with Eli and Victor from Vicious, I love them both even though they aren’t good people. Movie villain is tough but I’ll probably say Heath Ledger’s Joker.

What horror book do you refuse to read? Why?

I read American Psycho so not sure if there’s a horror book I’d be against reading lol. I’m not too fond of gorey (I learned after reading American Psycho) so I’d probably stay away from excessive gore.

I’m late tagging people because I didn’t know how (lol) but I’d love for if there’s a haunted house in it i’ll read it, Book Beach Bunny, and Prose & Pancakes to answer these questions if they wanna!


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